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New OSHA Regulations for COVID

By January 19, 2021June 13th, 2023No Comments

On November 30th 2020 new regulations went into effect from Cal/OSHA regarding COVID-19

These new regulations apply to all California businesses, except for:

  • Places of employment with one employee who does not have contact with other persons
  • Employees working from home.
  • Employers are covered by the Aerosol Transmissible Diseases standard (primarily health care providers, correctional facilities, drug treatment programs, and homeless shelters).

Below are some of the new Cal/OSHA requirements:

  • Creating a written COVID-19 Prevention Plan (CPP).
  • Offering free COVID-19 testing to employees who had potential COVID-19 exposure in the workplace.
  • Screening employees for COVID-19 symptoms and keeping employees who are sick or exposed to COVID-19 out of the workplace.
  • Continuing wages to employees who cannot work due to a COVID-19 exposure on the job under some circumstances.
  • Reporting COVID-19 cases to the local health department.

The CPP (Covid Prevention Plan):

The CPP needs to include the following:

  • Identify and Evaluate COVID-19- Hazard in your workplace
  • Ways to correct or reduce Covid-19 Hazards in the workplace
  • Investigating and responding to Covid-19 cases in the workplace
  • The reporting process, recordkeeping, and where you will keep the CPP so employees and others can review it
  • Communication plan
  • Employee training and instruction on the plan

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